Just waiting to been seen.

Trying to relate.

Trying to be comfortable.

making sure my back don’t hurt.

Sitting in a chair for you.


In a dream

In a dream life is perfect.

Every thing you dream of you have.

The ones you lost are around you.

You can go any where in a blank of an eye.

You have every thing you can ever ask for.

But in the end its just a dream.



Lost in a place call home.

Lost in a group of people I call family.

Lost my heart to evil.

Lost my emotions to express.

Lost my sight to dark.

Lost the will to live.

Lost in the place I call home.

To be seen and not heard

I live in a world that I can be seen and not heard.

I live like a doll on a shelf that is seen.

Ever if I was to talk no one will hear me.

I feel like I’m just a waste of space that some one else  can use.

When I’m needed i”m seen and hear just for a few seconds.

Its sucks but that is how life is.


Missing piece

I feel like there is something missing.

Maybe just a piece or some thing bigger.

I don’t know what to think.

I wounder if I’m missing a piece and just to blind to see.

Life has alot of missing pieces but we have to find them and put them back.


I thought that I can read you.

I thought worng.

I don’t know what you think any more.

I wounder if you still want to be with me or some one esle.

Alot goes through my mind.

I feel like a fool to love you so long.

I feel like there is no room for me in your heart.

You say that you will love me til the end but i dont think that will happen.

You are so unreadable.


Look at me only

Look at me only when I’m right in front of you.

Can I  be the only one that you see.

When your eyes look around and I feel like you are look throught a window.

To feel like you can’t keep you eyes on me.

What is the point if you can’t only look at me .